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              The light surrounded him. It burned, his skin igniting like fire, eyes blinded by its rays. It covered him, suffocating and choking him, like a hand tight around his throat. He wanted to scream, wanted to run, but he was paralyzed, frozen beneath the beams of gold.

                The prince could feel it changing him, body morphing. His bones shifted from within him, cracking and twisting. His hands weren’t his own anymore, as they grew. Talons poked from beneath the flesh of his fingers. Hair grew from each pore, like a sheet it covered him. And all he could feel was the pain and the heat as it came to him, wave after wave. It tore his insides and brought him crumbling to his knees.

                “What have you done to me?!” He howled, voice course as he fought another flood of pain. “Make it stop!”

                The woman stood before him, her dark eyes cold as she looked upon his form. She held no expression of remorse, as she watched the man quiver. Instead, she viewed him, like one might view a piece of art. The pride was easy to spot in her features, her lips curling slightly at the corners.

                She bent beside him, hand reaching out to grip his jaw and turn his face to her. Their eyes met, hatred filling his hues.

                “What have you done?!” He screamed.

                The woman smirked, silent as the prince’s face, too, began to change. The skin rippled and twisted, and he cried out once more. But she held fast to his face, eyes not leaving his own even as he moaned.  

                “I simply made your appearance match that of how you look on the inside, dear Prince.” Her voice was hauntingly smooth, much like her beauty.

                The prince had no strength to reply. He let his body give in, collapsing face first into the ground. The light shut out, leaving the two to sit in darkness. The pain remained, but weakened into short throbs, and the burning sensation had left his lungs. His body felt heavy, as he fought to lift himself. After a minute of aching and shaking arms, he gave up, settling into the dirt once more.

                “It seems,” The woman rose from her crouch, brushing the dirt from her dress. “your transformation’s complete.”

                The prince froze. “Transformation?”